Friday, August 16, 2013

"the essentialism of desire"

the essentialism of desire, lambic,
picto simulism, beth luis nion,
dotto lotto, step closer to killing
penny, fractal ontology,
neisseria, your purble scissors,
special pale, semi-postal stamp,
mental health cluster, why
are these so grubby, these are
supposed to be mint, i thot they
were on top of the staircasing,
beast fillet, cocb cluster, all
ell, fincop, the letter up,
the waste of a perfectly good
lp record, paper sky, the mail
art gang, a tin of poetry,
postscript um, participatory
actions, fluxus eros, cack,
a underscore banana, x-ing
a paragrab, history of
chinese exclusion, ascriptive,
mo-no juk sum, historical
and cultural essentializing,
floptical, metafabric,
where are these phrases
coming from, confusion
with the dates, orange
stairs, i am megatron,

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