Thursday, August 08, 2013


uber-buzzed, dystatic, two
stage conditional maximum
likelihood, limerance,
countermanding, two c’s back
to back and overlapping,
meaningful shards, dayglo frag,
recycl box, touraine, tomme de
gross ile, statement
verification, sauce original,
shit we’re falling fast,
hscwc cluster, the new zodiacal
year, it’s gummed but, no more
gbagbos, exist wasted, final
copy god, new getwell road,
bottega veneta, an army of
assassins, god sees you, the
newsletter is the practice,
free speech that they say you
can’t have, ballpoint pinhead,
happy lunatic, amphidium
glaucescens, i’d not expected
the moss to be this tough,
fuck tlooth, xerographical
economy, the black widow’s

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