Thursday, August 15, 2013

"i am metatron"

i am metatron, munchausen by
proxy, monty cantsin detox, musica
brasileira popular, television
halo, olm cluster, remarkable
handiwork kiera, culture and
language hnmmm, work in a
heart, symet, how did you write
this letter, couldn’t we get
this in full colour, undeveloped
ditto, things have been done with
it already but, who will be
performing the events, asemic
mycelium, the hand used to
belong to, a collection of beer
cans, baby eater, historical
colloquies, nokomis, mo no,
wayzhigwanaad, double
exclusion, unbelonging,
intercultural, between worlds,
the ethnic canon: histories,
china the ethnic homeland,
hyphenated chinese experience,
hostland, kak vas zavoot, dime
store psychologist, floco,
vejam as sorriem, minimalist
metalworker, priorities
schmriorities, no slash,
orange something, crosscheck,

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