Monday, August 26, 2013


the sacred conspiracy, dalonaga,
rapid prototyping, meta-ethics,
kasha knishes, elimination from
the human consciousness, ten
grand is just a drop in the
bucket, listen lady, nice void,
er chicken, five smooth stones, make
art for yourself alone, little
fields, reflects red, urts, tex,
reflected complexity, a photo
of a photo, alikez, the flags
give it away, the battle for
space, name brain, rubber
blossom, whitewash of sound,
one is a target, strangers in
a tangled wilderness,
monarcho-bourgeosie, clerical
fascist, think of the book
you finished reading as a
dead soldier, control
everything happening,
crackulates, lithostatic,
felsic, a cluster of lead
jigs, stevens’ power law,
hat in hand, present web,
glass pore, caganee,
emptiness emptiness,
label tube, fasken,

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