Friday, August 09, 2013

"a self-avoiding walk"

a self-avoiding walk, concrete
hearts, autoadaptive architecture,
postliterary america, colyte,
t-riders, nin-com-pute, labile
affect, pseudobulbar effect,
syndrome of angelman, paint
by heart, wix, smk, three dollars
worth of news, ccomg cluster,
the flying shuttle, selling
points, the spinning jenny, the
spinning frame, advertising
pegs, planned obsolescence, the
bic ecolution pencil, viona,
liteiny bridge, when tish
happens, musication, yeubmuel,
fot blot, toxic pussy, amphidium
drepanocladus, uber-sting,
for more info see blog, the
xerox beats the cannon hands
down, clipping the wings of
the angel, crazy vincent,
originary but not original,
ten steps, nine spots, eight
spets, seven steps, six steps,
five steps, four steps, three,
two, loco, clean toner, vin,

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