Saturday, August 24, 2013


browser cookies disabled, inner
experience by bataille,
philosophical explanations,
bellocq storyville, goodie rings,
cc cluster, the no program program,
a certain amount of foreign
air, fragment of artistic
rubble, this could go up, ash
eater, puddle of what, heroes
zeroes eroes, ocracke, evro rigo,
morose freak machine, avoid
anything shrinkwrapped, the
oral eye, burned into your
retina, we realize your mail
is important to you, actually
existing, we are winning, a
politics of demand, affinity
groups, spokescouncils, abolish
capitalism and replace it
with something nicer, summit
hopping, no one is illegal, the
pedagogy of confrontation,
a laboratory of desire,
thymoma, pheochromocytoma,
mesentery, carries eyes home,
a degree, force yourself to
do nothing, shit sex, the art
of concentration,

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