Friday, August 23, 2013


concentration work, elephantiasis,
shemhamforash, dipping dots,
ex-possible, austerity, i’m
considering letting you pass,
lucerne lucida, sunny liquor,
item count one, milk and beer,
all, yazoo, jump to the mandala,
duchenne muscular dystrophy,
skynet, cascade communications,
people cluster quietly, billy
bones, deoxyvisions, velars, old
weird america, the white
proletariat, movement lingo,
a cultural history, the
sensuous reality of human
society, white workers, virtual
reality check, comrade black,
nationally oppressed identities,
libertarian socialism, the
crisis in marxism,
democratic centralism,
let language do the talking,
scrybaby, cross sex animation,
summat art,

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