Monday, April 13, 2015

"saruma henryi"

dangerous playground, drouhin
vaudon, clockbug, eupcaccia,
venice lockjaw, idiot rings,
cannot escape historicizing,
orange zest, chicken satellite,
ccobbgb cluster, hand-saex,
meat dress, the happiest creature
on earth, e-shifting, saruma
henryi, osteospermum, hepburn
enjoying a cigarette, library
bits, red capitalism, capitalism
you had it so, spackles toner,
hyperinflation causes, oh it’s
a collage, vale por una vida
mejor, the white got lost,
bare naked ladies and the
history of art, alicia starr,
lee goldberg, all the texture
is lost, nothing to censure,
actual felt, beautiful
nipples hidden, pink side,
kemal özyurt, blot me out,
the original sandpaper,
go-teetotum, losing nothing,
anti-censorship cunt, rue
saint charles, gray ghost,
love the feel of old oil
paint, terry reid, worth noting,
muffler man, las barreras
son de los que no saben volar,
gar ninety-three, on tan,

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