Thursday, April 23, 2015


poetics of chaos, the orange
river, foucault’s pendulum,
outrider positions, omni-poetics,
raster image processor, staub,
worm charming, bite the cartridge,
mephedrone, osteophyte, a small
concrete slab, winnipeg globe,
bmg cluster, printemps érable,
crunchy concrete, exist in
complex highly evolved, banana
poka plants, crucial element
humanity, liquiglide, herman
was a cartoon everyman,
eighteen-fifty-seven, coffee
versus tea writing, dienst,
pink cheeks, no answers
spontaneity occurs, polyrhythm
of waste, ladysnap, summojus,
obsoletesh, sedex, speculum
futures, hacking life,
important repetition, just
a ghost of the ghost, the
copy is a far cry from the
original, interesting paper,
shakyamuni, moan lisa,
sopa pipa ndaa, les lius,
corningware, the end of the
nineties, plastic net bag,
rivadavia, silk skull,

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