Saturday, April 18, 2015

"janaka basnayake"

cacerolazo, chromite, choom,
zillow, yandex, zynga, groupon,
sign it like you mean it, pig
bait, sitting on the dock,
connie blank, this is art here,
wise it green, morandi, check
for gum, triple set, inal, lsd
detritus, brt, prophet omega,
collage of gods, paste eater,
skeleton dragon, retard core,
zappa quotes, handicapitalist,
unaussprechlichen kulten,
quantic ritual, know your chakras,
janaka basnayake, trying to
expand my network, breaux
bridge, huval, killing pigfuck
assholes, i ain’t no jesus,
gaudeamus igitur, terre-batu,
park watch, sol duc, your maps
a little out of date,
jordan river, botanical beach,
the indicated person,
katsura agachisu hakone,
recu de bagages, lo cal chkn
brg, cheri dres, air-white,
one flew, generl, en in bla,
alicia myers, cardho,
mount newton, swift street,
entry swiped, ch restaurant,
stone’s throw, willie’s
bakery, interactivity,

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