Monday, April 06, 2015

"chogak jogak"

jjimjilbang, marginal art,
globe cinema, keyhole criticism,
red bell, bgv cluster, eleven
thousand dpi, the slight return,
from chaotic to neat, chogak
jogak, untitled art society,
painting machine, cadavers
dressed in rainbows, the static
snowy channel, modern informal
creativity, thank you for
filing, income come, if you
have a bn, variant edition,
whitelines, orange glue, art
texts, omnipoetics, gross national
good, contemporary poetics,
sunset avenue, experialism
history and cult, acraphobia,
preterition, chiliasm, les jeux
pour-meme, sudetenlandization,
chat fork, favourite fonts,
entity called a head,
urgrossmutter, stockworth,
green documents, blue moon
brewing company, yogi tea,

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