Sunday, April 05, 2015


zerotonine, supermoon, producing
penny cost, primula veris, tendai,
somatotopic map, wermoewe,
satin u gal, imperial red,
sunnyside market, ctwb cluster,
cluster of water, imagine
justice, all la la la, lex luthor,
ancient california lottery,
margina, bio-abstract, zoid,
banana domino plate, all the
eggheadz, oil paint on newsprint,
joel zighel, all the work you
did as a youth, there’s a face
in there, mientras mas debil el
razonar, mas robusta habra de
ser la fantasia, jacinto garcia,
sbietti stefano, the product is
you, a decade of achievement,
prison music, john quincey
adams, sterno, agnate,
kalothaya, dada text,
looking for specks, castle
four, bromo-dragonfly

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