Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"synaptic plasticity"

turbo-capitalism, yawara,
nees nake noll, code pendant,
burh, four penny coffin,
ceiba pentandra, cleaning
the ink off, latex globe,
cdcgg cluster, a bookmark
for the footnotes, anxiolytize,
fuliginous, doxycycline
hyclate, brody, weejuns,
nalaxone, pentazocine,
mefenamic acid, v-poles,
synaptic plasticity, neuropeptide
y, open graph protocol, finis,
looking forward to these
marks, no more frullania,
half-size postage stamps,
buck dancer, will work,
freehand pages, wskeo ninety-
four, fs, flywheel tax, pop-up
gallery, lordy lordy, jason
christie,  small frying, you
could be here now, atc,
keep the change, truck,
masri, atc drop-in, tng,
the house sanctuary, wskeo
ninety-seven, vypc,

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