Monday, April 20, 2015


horizontalism, archipelagic
poetics, barangganic, numerus
clausus, episkopos, contributors’
holograph in their entirety,
completeness of historical
evidence, neuropolitics, french
canadian bean soup, rex
imperator, penny farthing post,
voice chat, conche, cha-no-yu,
filofax, augmented reality
stamps, weadick, i give you
this blank, saint ampede, ob
cluster, the margin is available,
i all, the wrong side becomes
the right side, pink cluster,
singular sensations, red card,
give small amounts of urine,
in for tomorrow, the tomorrow
project, weird mossy shit,
spiru-tein, guilloche, skirling,
raisin-debt, magnification of
cause, the aeon card, alpha
consciousness, transmutational
anxiety, hemidactylus
frematus, alphabet city
magazine, hddt, fake frank,

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