Monday, April 27, 2015

"penny happy" (for Gustave Morin)

buckdancer’s dream, shiner bock,
enantiodromia, transavanguardia,
liminocentricity, hyperbolic
geometry, ölvisholt lava,
draisine, cone of shame, the
scavenger project, drosera
citrina with a crown of gemmae,
temnoma, lithothamnion,
lighthouse, eldorado county,
hrvatska, zeena lavey,
paste eater four, sausage
gravy 'n biscuits, enmeshment,
harmed except in cases,
expect help or counsel, piaffer,
malleolus, fourier transforms,
ciquatoxic, sanger-brown’s
ataxia, apologia, flexor carpi
ulnaris, montreal naked
protest, fung, salt hinge,
ikonostat, penny happy, see
the back pages, risk factors,
segregated custody, book
value, bay at,

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