Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"zoka no makoto"

reality-ness, disturbia, oscillo
coccinum, the human element with
a cowboy, stripe of wheat, mixed-
excitation linear prediction,
commercial ended at the
hospital, am u late p, miss
vickies, cgmcc cluster,
slogan on red, the quality
of the perforations, suitable
for sharing, inal, rent in time,
diventa terapia, zoka no makoto,
philip guston’s bath tub, fat
city school of finds art,
ciaburro, international
express, recirculating all
the dust, tail, floating gas,
watch your fluctuations,
post letters, subhadronic
particles, parotitic jowls,
joss, kruger abstraction
scale, bupkus, lsd smell,
kertwang, psycho-schiller,
non-hierarchical info,

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