Thursday, April 30, 2015

"lethargic acid diethylamide"

cutification, ring modulator,
horror epic creeper, schein,
screen sharing, lethargic acid
diethylamide, mystic wand,
diamond jubilee, queen insects,
thirteen, lube, chqc cluster,
pen on eyeglasses, cooley every
tuesday, guns and butter,
contributed the bump, fisches
nachtgesang, whitewash art,
legend of witches, mary standing
on a snake, legend of boggy
creek, mark greenfield, zeena
lavey, on n axi, sultra, louise
arbour, jill tarlow, my hand
versus your hand, pinning
things up on the kensington
interaction, dayglo frames,
sausage!, sundriving, how
sad are you today, that’s
my town, florence and the
machine, cavant gourd two,
canada’s premiere poet,
witch’s pussy, ashley tetreault,
che beer, lsu mss, proto-
typos, canadate, socially

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