Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"chromosera cyanophylla"

experimentally produced
psychosis, boomeritis, toots and
the maytags, bergamot orange,
chromosera cyanophylla,
laser beans, radiolaria, hard-
or cutting- edge, each child’s
hand, cuisinart, twists tax,
beaufort, prophet omega, vk
haddock, italian squash,
netjajev ss, dickau conehead,
smile: ninety-seven, edith can
shoot things, redfish, one ray,
at me dot com, the chipmunk
effect, blame the anesthetic,
stamps dot com, white bread
and margarine feast,
instabit, dead ends and
detours, original radio,
radionetwork, camcorder
and enjoying himself,
goethe on people’s names
prisoners’ numbers,
meaning-blind, the computer
changes it, the marks are
trying to shine through,
kevin chapel meet the
mastersons, parrhesia six,

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