Sunday, April 12, 2015


pixadores, choque, snakehead
fish, the ink hit the fan, the
creation of a hell on earth,
expert cannot be hired, olivine,
plagioclase feldspar, violet on
lemon zest, photomicrograph,
pepper milk, cluster of deer,
lm cluster, chocolats, sugar
needle, a sign of your self,
sanrio, cute skull, gonions,
funiculi, uncolloped, vidrio,
armamentarium, pse, intons,
raw cardboard art, zumo,
ual, gnd prepaid, moco, face
suck, cagada, olvido, glueless,
endless swallow, evariste
parny, zumo, bristol stool
chart, clam leak throat,
he could not decipher the
message, rubber in post,
chalkviolet, x splatter x,
do you recognize these marks,
naymaxia overprinted, ryo
buz, we try harder,

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