Sunday, April 05, 2015


documental structure, the
desarts of bohemia, writing
in tongues, buried in the fetal
position, should have been a
better role martyr, toujours
le bon vĂȘtement, clothing that
fits life, give me a sign, how
far did we take it down, no
quarter, the past, ocsb cluster,
is this meant to be some kind
of art work, opportunity cluster,
eye the undersigned, an effort
to reconnect with the eternal
network, jukollage, interesting
lives, carol stream il, we don’t
need a cure, the ore of things,
chapman selling chapbooks,
arf, art may, no photos, six
feet of rotten haddock, fone
haddock, waiting for the
connection, invitation to the
dupery, you’re evil, battue,
scratching the tiger’s belly,
denman island, he hasn’t
a penny to test you with,
network redemption, jump
the point size around,
duct tape goo, stock green,

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