Friday, April 17, 2015


minerva nirvana, tippy-tops,
dkult, money fumes, canada
outlawed the penny, knights of
the golden circle, pimp slap,
tangled up in glue, undrin,
rotterdam gabber classics,
silent sound spread spectrum,
crosstalk, tokolano, transcranial
magnetic stimulation, pepper
milk, ml cluster, the marshmallow
test, pennycandystore, oh boy gum,
azimut droit, field study
eleven, get a feel for the paper,
the australian winter, point
d’ironie, drive into the sun,
double bubble, mass king,
geelong, meatrobes, epson nx-
four-twenty, blue line gallery,
robert arneson, semaphore
aerobics, people eating art over
chicken, raw brain, rio linda,
recycled postage, interactivity
games, which avengers, grace
yu ting kuei, cardho,
application label, corn butter
five, shizen, how am i supposed
to sign in that tiny slot,
couloir, energy recovery fee,
barcode magic, on a twenty-
four hour clock, honey amanita,
tahoma oklahoma, lsd prana,

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