Saturday, April 11, 2015

"nihilistic druidic buddhism"

buzz share, casier survivor,
thyme honey, an egg-like
shroob monster, calgary herald
entertainment, piss paintings,
kyphosis, excessive or hyper-
lordosis is commonly, carasaya,
oranges cluster, ilsc, valspar,
don’t be afraid to use your
mobile devices, pcam, ama,
nihilistic druidic buddhism,
visca poum, blue penny
museum, pa jo mo, beyond
what is sufficient, poot,
charlebois, in dreams begin
our responsibilities, half as
confusing as every, drive
into concrete, containing
helmet all energies, calli
tea, rise-over-run, fitviavi-
mold, tu-sais-qué, plunder
colour, fgm, amphora, ryo

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