Saturday, April 25, 2015

"tastes like pennies"

penny in the moss, claytonia
sibirica, without censure,
redalen, jattebra, tastes
like pennies, humans calling
her everyday, fluff bunnies,
transhumpify, reliakor,
roopkund, buckdancers dream,
chaman, craniosacral therapy,
ob cluster, guy weadick, ray
cluster, margin for you, inal,
bentglass, parabolic poured-
concrete shape, make concrete
billow, seraglio, specular,
cluster of delfts, étagère,
power-cords bright orange,
kittens in carbonite, candy
suck, tracheophyte, elefant,
morandiem, hot salt, e-stim,
bobbers, jargon happy,

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