Thursday, April 16, 2015

"stemonitis fusca"

decensored, gummi bear implants,
cryotomography, stemonitis fusca,
subwaxin’, cryomicroscopy, it
fruits in clusters on dead wood,
canada for my higher education,
ecological and human-centered
conscience, perestroika from
below, we have considered
everything, mindrot animania,
real z, stillpoint, yshcb cluster,
tabasco enema, local line, optik
tv, day of giving, being on the
point of, silent vacuum cleaner,
quanta, huge empty confessional,
strigil, acciaccatura, neutral
density point, testudo, catalept,
chronaxy, luculus, de sica
neo-real crane dolly, cerise
montclair, levirate, a small
orange bubble, pulsing blue
light, hometown ensemble
casted, schwulst, figurants,
aspen stump, point size jump,
let no swath of concrete
go without interruption,
digging up concrete, media
vermin, neverland, porno
frag, in a word: detritus,

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