Saturday, May 01, 2010

"cyberspace wolves"

spacer, undelete, plenty of room
developing, keeping exact records
of the deterioration, her moss,
not a cudgel, better ink yourself,
a thin line between fine &, a
break for a hot, proportionate
physical magnitude, self-trance
parent sea & see, saviour work,
visible lies, three dimensional
text, prepublication promo,
include the award as part of the
publishing contract, where ya
find it, bizarre commodity,
page frame, taxon poetry,
more real, may go under,
buy independent, our zoo
ya!, (signature) __________,
logo and seeing, with my
back to reality, rubber stamp
memory, call again, what
the concrete sounds like,
rhythm variations, signce,
black bulk, colour this in,
urinating with the portable,
eyelenz, the view from
cyberspace, w l o v e s ,

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