Sunday, April 24, 2011

"the network-grid machine"

salvage something out of this text, lady gorb, iceblock bag
cryogenics, ganged men rip up lone man, saint insanity saint,
the being of paul, why would you want to repeat insanity, an
impeccable trance, uversia, now-is-the-hour, sarcoptic mange,
giant fleas, the state centre for social readaptation, he got
tired of his past, all to join gets a gift, his prose in blaring
orange, wanted one cent reward, reading pieces of paper, albanil
milpas ejidos, the correspondenser, the network-grid machine,
comparisons to herbal elixirs, the commonpress idea, to find
happiness in this world give all the love one have, tepozteco,
felark, humanwine, dot ai file, misfitism, smoke or someone
else will smoke in your place, a zine called ain’t, hivemindism,
back to batang, the us army pouring thru the arc de triumphe,
every job is a jail, we need to see bozo texino, immortality
was a hoax, papercide, hoxie, ein geschenk, canada beaver pinque,

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