Monday, April 25, 2011


unrealm, raised an army out of the long
grass, scratchin’ the outside, watch watching,
seeming blank, zany text rays?, unreal-
mabble, made up of letters, uncommon to us all,
the stop and the ggo!, being everywhere at
ones, okay poetry, giving or giving up,
seeing music, blowing open, will get
hungry, sitting at the apex, machine for
making sound, blaze into transition,
the blind ear, hear to see, see hear!,
she can say but he cannot, time out
for the eye, no earlid is there?,
like now!, worrying the saint art,
sud then changes to nort, let’ex odd
us, some timing!, all the timing, i am
not here, gettin’ on up, the key: it is
in, dance with ink, nothing is
incompatible, be flat, & rise on up,
the nondivision between performer
& audience, permanent echoes, said
get on up!, this is a recording, not
getting thru yet, liai son, hatband
headcheeze, art that stays art,
receptacling, all lines meant
something, dusty coffee,

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