Saturday, April 02, 2011

"being for a living" & "erotic greenbacks"

being for a living, synchronicity
sold it to you, writing on metal,
this is just a chit, this is not
my trip, sharing items, reitter,
just skim the text and click
the little box, this is not even
where we are, anyone else, how
can we be of any help, a person
named elaine, people woe, let us
slide up or down, somebody else’s
mess, glass ick, personality diff,
celeb cereb, look at yourself
and what do you think,

erotic greenbacks, the movie-copier, maybe as a degeneration flip-book, you only need ten or twenty pieces to mount a show, i want to see this posted as a poster, literature that is good to eat, tree bucket refers to maple syrup, pre-empted text, bufetti is, erotic avatars, the binary banal, you can feel the connection,

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