Friday, April 22, 2011


typing about photocopying, ribbon versus toner, you have to
look close to tell if it’s real or not, if i tell you who it’s
by you won’t like it, it’s a little blurry photographic, the
blue’s not going to help you, gar twenty-three, nothing real
comes thru the computer, what the hell is this F doing over
here, crank time back, the numbers are only there so you don’t
get confused, have not seen the as built, this is all writing
i did, has to be the centrefold because it flows over from one
side to another, a big bowl of acai berries pureed, the lunatic
grind, no big deal today, i mailed my heart to california, there’s
no point dwelling on the rainbow, boredom is as boredom does,
reduce 231 pages to seven, sighting sausages, fuck seize the day:
seize the fucking crown, forget what the acronym stands for,
gun in one hand: lollipop in the other, chipping away at your
face, dead blank teckneek, i can’t take any credit for the sun,
i plead unguilty, truth in confusion, black block swinging,
six billion artists, why would you want to purvey such oblit,
let’s jump to the meat, arabic christmas, gaze at the blank for
as long as you can,

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