Saturday, April 16, 2011


if you’re going to put my name on the internet please spell it
right so i can find it, the computer ran out of file folders,
someday somebody might be able to excavate yip, you might be a
little surprised to learn that you are up for auction, midway
between a file folder and an envelope, a huge identity change,
referring to yourself as what’shisname, the god of chaos presides
over your union, one is living the touch, do you understand how
art works, i already forget what these things refer to, whirling
dervish in shackles, union of fish, sister can you spare a dime,
golden flux, top clock, beer show, one thinks one can see, did
it ding, hinternet, winternet, pr art, all you thinking has been wrong
these long years, hey c’mon up, absolute toner boredom, harsh words
from someone you admire, asisment, there is nothing wrong with the
idea, how is it you with your cold calculating mind, defective
poetry, poetry out-take, you are only adding to the confusion,

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