Friday, April 01, 2011

the word "grotty"

art is a substance, lurid poing, this type-writer operates at
how many decibels, hearing protection is needed, the little
phrase that got obfuscated, nothing ventured, you can tell if
you look close and with a bit of foreknowledge, crumple this
up and throw it away, ideas at war, ideas making love, grotty
troglodyte, poetry written by people who watch a lot of sitcoms,
it’s no longer a book: more of a parody of a book, how on earth
can this blot of toner mean anything to you, maybe try standing
it all on its head for a while, now you wouldn’t want to be
causing a disturbance now would you, the natural world finds
a way to continue to signify, i am staring at the image and
seeing nothing, tack it all into a little booklet, no need
to sweat the page order, these are called paste-ups, pay-stubs,
going along with text, nothing always changes, gamboges, miss
unemployment insurance gothic, hey i mentioned your name on my
blog i hope you don’t mind, eye vill, economic crisis head-on,
keelson, the original has orange juice splattered on it, add
a little colour to your text, cides to establish himself as
creatrix, histrionic historionics,

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