Friday, April 08, 2011


ball point pinhead, acredita todos os dias oference possibilidades
sem limites, nothing makes me happy, the yoni is keeping the
sun out of my eyes, a microhit of cybertime, it’s just a game
war, here have a flower it means nothing, we need to start an
online hours log, tscml means nothing, an important face,
year of the rutabaga, valuable information, oh my god says boo,
if you got it give it, let’s be clear about what is good and
what is doog, gazing at blank toner, hammering word post, labit
blue, each and every gone friend, speed this to, the photocopier
is going crazy, to do for love, photogrammatology, can i get a fot,
let apostrophe space, limit your typewriter time, careful you
don’t get checked off,

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