Sunday, April 10, 2011

"the n-tity"

fot, got the feed tray ready, we could bleed out a line of these,
the day it broke, it’s a grit pit, i say open you say close, you
must see may, L, gar numb twen, never really noticed this streak
of colour, garazy, you must see me as some sort of shark, you could
have loaded this blank with, twnety-three, you could learn not
to want to understand, this is a long ways from the computer at
the moment, resident imp, a book a week, we don’t use a lot of
quotation marks in our writing, make a virtue of your lack of
understanding, the n-tity, why not write in blue ink, how are
the mechanics of this machine doing, is this orange dot on the
page or on my eye, genuine jpeg, please don’t corrupt my, why
owes eye-ohs, let your heart come to life, yr risky, public art
private art, this is not, love will carry you thru and down,
maybe try extending the bottom down, would you call this writing
please, pile of blank paper – writing machines – pile of written
on paper, i am destroying your beauty, the flap flap flap of
empty text production, we can’t read it because it is illegible,
the postal delivery people can’t read the address, addressex,
addressexcess, a big black toner blot,

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