Sunday, April 17, 2011

erotomaniacal thanatopraxy

words like erotomaniacal thanatopraxy,
peace of electricity, crackler
spoons, buys an teen tassle-ations,
miss prison?, is won t, black & grey,
pie penning, commodities: you
mean like pork-bellies?, trance
ponder, is education just another
product to sell to suckers?, when
you say you write texts do you
mean like textbooks?, who’s diagnosis?
, ex-isle, street credit, hit poems,
find thot, which one’s pink?, boss
s o b, any non-image, skyscraper
rocket launch, between the
grooves at the end of the vinyl,
train thru the heart, a full
magazine, bod it, fell to us,
crime me a river, shard eh?,
german record player, getting
real, commented again, spread
the room, link link link, hear
these here, still now, fidelity
to the causetration, weren’t
we living in the dark?, actually
read books, too political,
trance love energy, rerecording
, how many years is thi?, begin
to begin, a version, between
the years, step out of the
picture, still more dd, jap liner notes,

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