Sunday, April 03, 2011

"ain sof" & "in a fugue state"

saint rath more or less, saint ridge,
driving and writing at the same
time, the sell and the bite, a
rubberstamp that says oil, be
careful where you stick your
nose, aim a little higher now
and then, oh it’s a gender thing
is it, the fuckin rage, loose coal,
the lonely art of, cut down on
your repro-expenditure, pick a
random phone number, ain sof,
mcimp, the phrase wants to be
replicated, still plopping,

sitcom poetry, material music, nobody wants anything material,
thanks for friending me, thanks for adding me, twenty-four hour
free peelers, this person is a good disseminator, send something
material, we lost all our contacts, the text is trying to get
you to do something, if nothing material then, i don’t suppose
you’d want any, the toner stick, a copy of the fugue, overlook

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