Saturday, April 30, 2011

"anoa" & "paska"

a network of trails, dyed in
the pure wool, pawky, laurie’s
button, abeh imp, mild hinter,
wring enclosed bloomers,
resembling snow, entering the
year of glory, anoa, be ant,
wasy, emoting creamed bounded,
advanced green, efhiort, nip
is a hamburger, anionic hatbox,
bay ice, three-sixty-nine sunset,
storm-stayed, whisky and rye,
never knew the words were
specifically canadian, the
geist of a chance,

finical, salt lake white, somebody
had money, is this real ink or
photocopy ink, the scissors arrived,
deehilm, pawtucket, abeiint,
a rouge, moose milk, blank
determination, doppelzimmer, it’s
a trip, reduktion fur abfluge,
girls of the king, paska, the
world’s largest pysanka, mon
eyed, yoy, naeui, pungle, flora
of canada, marmari, do not dare
us, balair, smither, lujo, who’s
emma, fashion foil puff ink,
in a locked room, bird course,

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