Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wolf flower

dynamic precision, passing sad,
bin gone empty, the way it comes
off the machine, the opposite of
reading, under the bottom of the
barrel, bright colour reality, free
broacher, back to unreality,
cave arts, left side of stage left,
wright spot barrow, joy point,
escaping the cell of himself,
cell-f, the evolution of human
consciousness, metallic fun, will
not say the name, click at
level, do ya wanna join?,
still listening?, how many
meanings can we pack in to
one phrase?, wolf flower,
the process of going, hand us
down, membrane porosity,
never mine, already too
relate, coming to easy, & on,
the kick thru, perfectly
defective, erasure for sure,
simplicity: it’s self, keep
clear, getting closer to
a way, first mohican, an
answer too, that we
memorized, got in our ear,
depends on your pont of vue,
what was ment, dog corn, wright it!,

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