Thursday, April 14, 2011

porcelain no e

no use for a title, let’s flow, the
word gold, a bad word about the
loser, registering things, makes
gray, came thru a little hole,
all evidence, which realm, good
habitual, apital, in grape ink,
one can feel paper, it in the,
the paper, does not mind, bus
reading, get the word out of,
the phrase strictly from
hunger, what progress have
we made on this file?, the
right to fell (limit, asking one,
civic palindrome, off the
calendar, weather or not, what
you were doing, resemblance
to actual persons living or dead,
coming as a bit of a surprise,
eew! cooties! [whack!], the
wrong kind of glasses,
kiddy lit, with decorations?,
book with bullet-hole in it,
completely new format,
the etymology of porcelaine,
get the cliff? (get the cole’s
notes for this, the letters
themselves, stories we read
to get her, too many words,
no such thing as a duplication,

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