Wednesday, April 20, 2011


anything does not go, read into the
mist, live reading, red live, was
a response too, read too drew,
the crooked page, unthingification,
the study of id all, letters you
can feel, imp ‘er cipient, while
we were writing, was it a day,
if this paper could speak,
still getting still, a trinary
system, all the features are
there, the way things are flowing,
quotes scrotum-tigtening h!,
still going saint wrong, the
name building, going back for
word, one one won, already
written in, how far in is out,
what else was (is) going on at the
same time?, down & up, graph
fix, promod, before we were
who, it is the contrast that
matters, time not being kept,
serving the mark, prebarcode,
intentionally broken record,
a find!, feels that way or,
merchandizing information,
where did this come from?,
short tears, while this is
going on, phasing phrases
on stun, race cars, personal
managemet, arepresentational,
re order, materialism studies,

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