Saturday, April 23, 2011


unch art, uncanadian activities, roach
eating shit, exclude exclusion, ugh!,
semi-read, imp partially seen, not
aloud looking, there is no eye, boo!
grrr!, not to be taken away, this is
a flawer, at number dollars percent!!,
shit on news, show enuf is a text,
the word ladies, free & instant,
let us drink now, peaked all over
the map, get it out of exile!, what
on oith is a narpet?, what is it you
want exactly?, the ritz cracked,
favourite scratch, got to loookin’
like that, back for cosine, the first
one is always free, come outta,
had but the mind to see,
head butt the mind to see, just
open your mouth and say…,
with the chair, selling selling
selling, not everything happens,
embossed around, thot she was
real there for a second, all & all,
talkin’ geodesic, shatter pattern,
pass it on, super sonic trance
port, drink to me drink to my
health you know i can’t drink
anymore, in the back of a chevy
in the trunk of an old car, didn’t i
just light that candle?, toro
toro taxi, wouldn’t be that way,
good old new buildings imp loading,


WEE-HOO said...

so what is a narpet? parent?

drosspriddle said...

yeah, I guess, from a Rush song...!