Friday, April 15, 2011


where art and truth collide, each and every blank, to post land,
it’s the blank parts that make the nonblank parts, upon arrive,
blank lanky, first the blank and then the, the power of sug jest,
really we prefer the blank, if it wasn’t worth looking after
from the start then, metalinguistic literature, certified nut,
stare at the blank, are you building up or building down, ink-
stained blank, portrait of the artist as a lunatic, blank insanity,
zia and san ildefonso, if you deface the stamps they are no longer
valid, blank alter-ego, expansion fold, concrete victories,
federal socialism, removal of concrete, conceptual correspondence,
confrontation events, univac, orgone rods, concrete books,
fuck survival, spouge, huizaar, lamoulka, human or computer
error, metapsychiatrists, orthonia to metanoia, my money name,
take the garbage out and bring some more back in, gar drome or
drone, you’re wise to cut ties, flashpo, franklin furnace medium,
huge catastrophic events, neoist recruitment drive, writing a
penny, ham en trance, cha-ala skundi nukim, shantih shantih
shantih, farruca,

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