Thursday, April 07, 2011


etherializing letters, human meddle,
if we weren’t doing this now, round
blanks, xis here, all you need (trade-
mark, when they say kindly, missing
for whom, just made slip number,
how about a little participaction
here?, cut the center of the heat out,
where the colours all smear toget-
her, i lernt how to do this on
mister dress-up, the art is at work,
late alphabet time, one sharp
little tooth, sunprinting, love with
a crooked oh, descending into pure
pattern, insulight, or a game me,
back then to the past, crosstitch,
box object, see fee, wanted to begin
with, mi birthdog, potlatch!, a
lesson in manuscript presentation,
write the title wave, font
fountaining, oh so that’s what you
meant by epistemology!, witch
sway we goin’ next?, actually
gave money to these people?,
getting this over with, an
involun-, when you have, apparent,
all shapes and sizes, mix ‘em up
in there!, ink lude, just tick the
little clocks, pause it if message,
exit tix, affordance, sighin’ here___________,

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