Thursday, April 21, 2011

"singing only for god"

puke gauze sphagnum, polyps in colon, a little conversation to
put in the micro-slushpile, no this is not a fortune, quality
control is mind control, make sure the detritus is perfect, khayal,
gharana, vina, drupad, alap, vadi / samvadi, shruti, microtonal
shadings, gamaks, rishis, naga, guru dukshana, singing only for
god, then for about five years, whenever he was not serving his
guru, he remained in a remote shaivite cave-temple in tapkeshwar,
his body covered with ash, singing only for god, losing money is
almost like making it, club tlash, hablando de esas cosas,
cuando ellos hablan, loglaau, nug-sug, constantly testing the
artline, transparency projectors, opaque projectors, duelism,
monist, djanitorz,

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