Monday, July 04, 2011

"screigh" & 066436

ten years since you, a door no a
window, a big jug of prune nectar,
do you want to know my card number,
kilnobody, apples and white thins,
perfectly preserved ephemeral trash,
foul liquor, wieners and buns, pal
argnza, license plate: heineken,
whoa did you feel that we just had
a jump in time, we need to get
stoned, mean penis, the fathers,
just that one little tick, invicta,
youkali, if this scrap of butcher’s
paper could speak, talent and booze,
trance crybaby, screigh, subscribble,


aufschreibsysteme, chronological
seventy seventy-four seventy-five, booze
is the key, put yourself in harms way
for art, candu stands for, september
eleven nineteen ninety-nine, order as
many books as you like, what a
beautiful number, we accept no
responsibility, athetic, all your
plans all your plans, udent, rasport,
a complete collection of colours,
overdue library book, this is one
of the things i did, randy pile,
danzine, indigo roy, write this
down for me, how to fold, emogrind,
homing in on the bait, we need corpses
to put in the seats, dogface loser,

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Anonymous said...

it hurts to love you.