Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the "pataphysical shits

speakeasily, open bracket racing,
this hemp, it’s the metaphysicals!
it’s the friggin’ “pataphysicals!,
glad to have nothing to read,
today is effort, trade ya places,
approach velocity carefully,
mouth fulla, is the window
opening or closing?, how many
degrees?, the whole carpet,
uncontained mind, this side
only, still unread, recipe
for beat juice hair dye, you
are the media!, today only!,
where we got that idea,
never bin said, the day it is,
what is securable, old begin-
again, botanical bookmark,
paying dues to stages on
life’s way, blown into the water,
zero interest, pulled the
rug out from under the good
old boys club, fadin’ fast,
structure structure structure,
collect them all, a rare
fraction, semi-hard clover,
shaking the dust off youth,
self taught idiot (savant,
going beyond words now,
a big glow, who said such-
and such?, always doing so,

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