Sunday, July 31, 2011

"test imp" & "warmeds"

reaching out from your cave,
pascal schoenhardt, we have never
been above zero, purely imaginary
money, test imp, we’re approaching
the very final days, nothing
makes too much sense, hourly void,
moss control, self adhesive
cleavage enhancing gel bra,
minimum payment, drat, enter
the amazon, slipping thru your
fingers, independently wealthy
self-promoting pseudo-artist,
mental babble fish,

the wintertime blues, hockey for
the homeless, we had to bail out
of these books, a copy of talk,
cancon cancan, flood lamp cluster,
azure moss sarx, mattang secern
epopteia, try and make a leaf,
get life over with, thanks for
the annotation, the trance
reversal, warmeds, handrot,
ataxis, put a poem on it call it
art, this is putting history into
chaos, annotate the blank, go
asemic and stay asemic, so-and-so’s
obsolete list, poetry under hat,

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