Thursday, September 01, 2011


delicate envelope, is there an
image in this image, gagged
man, the mailart underground,
i have fond memories of
interacting with you, can you
identify this paper, snaildoc
webdoc, collect meat, the
head exploded, deathdream
sanctuary, robbing fields,
chat vortex, izakak, youthvision,
akbar, soap navel, confronted
with cleavage, ivory soap
philosophy, can’t you see i’m
drowning too, all the contact
in the world, hamman, dangling
concrete, brik, mechouia, the
test of poetry, a close-up
magician, pieza, integral
reality, people in north
america, neki hokey, look
policy, chumscrubber, to
particularize or not,
next, give credit to all
the graffiti artists in the
picture, three three three,
nothing is free,

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