Saturday, March 23, 2013

APR 20 2011

logodaedaly, antisocial dancing,
antinouns, kaiboi, entryism,
art-o-matic, broctonhymen,
anti-entity-ism, rubberstamp
crush, peche mortel, the sambal
oelek was on sale, blue ray
cluster, united states of mexico,
malfeasance, primitive fetishes,
collog, art maggot, grade a
crack, weed-blasted, name:
asshole, where the elite meet
to con crete, who’s loony now?,
sharp bluray, you’re a winner
honest, out in the weather
art, work qua work, a
profound instinctive union
with the stream of life,
production qua production,
insta-wed, correspondence
changed my life, freightliner
art, tesla hashish, columbine
heart’s ease, concrete self-
feeling, shark dung,

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