Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"tulio restrepo"

the impercipient, ternary code,
lispector: the passion according
to, x is for cluster, miss vickies,
marechal, if fresh, cookie wagon,
packing materials sculptures,
art is tamps, tulio restrepo,
sean burn, fluxfest, apartment
two-one-three, signatures
network, mih, beauty and
mash, macon county line, the
taino, honours and cleanses
this earth, outlawed clustered
munitions, jasmine revolution,
systems biology, the digital
genome, limbo river, clarity
eloquence and humor, deshi,
economic liberalisation,
video holdback, naff, want
creation, materials studies,
pencil scratchings in the
margins, the writing of so-and-so,
dung logo,

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