Sunday, March 24, 2013

"retrievable selves"

moodboards, metamorphosexual,
cosmic sound of truth, high
frequency trading, electrographic,
open your bottom, butter sausage,
vmobb cluster, the poem is
pointing at the mark, let’s get
personal, gate back of gara,
fake john evans collage, eating
toe jam, it takes a while to see
it, dealing with the carcass,
letterboxed, visages de jehanne,
kobb labs, além das armas,
forever cracked, twenty-eight
cents postage, balconette
bikini top, zadnik, stan boman,
osvaldo romberg, cut the
other out of the picture,
grim-puh, free speech that
they say you can’t have,
fluxus obscurantism, god’s
photograph, infested loveseat,
macon bacon, the mudroom,
praxiscope, solah singar,
mediascapes, possible selves,
retrievable selves, the
computer is dying, pink
janitors, nothing lights,

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